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Safety comes first ! ! !

At A Shot Above we

*  Don't fly above 400ft AGL

*  Don't fly in Controlled Airspace w/o authorization

*  Keep our aircraft within line of sight (L-o-S) and utilize a Visual Observer if possible

*  Always be aware of other aircraft in the area and give way IMMEDIATELY to any manned aircraft

*  Do not fly over crowds w/o properly waivers/authorization

*  Don't fly in restricted zones and obey all TFRs/FRZs (Temporary Flight Restrictions/Flight Restricted Zones)

*  Fly safely and responsibly at all times (not near pedestrians, wildlife, buildings/property, etc. - common sense)

* Long standing member of the AMA

* Provide One-on-One UAS training

* Train Law Enforcement and EMS in Safe/Legal UAS Flight

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