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Specializing in Real Estate Photography
Virtual Tours

Floor Plans
Your One-Stop Photography & Videography of WNC
Pilot/Gopher - Allen
Editor/Creative Professional - Julie
Serving Western North Carolina and surrounding areas

Aerial Photography by A Shot Above of WNC
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About A Shot Above of WNC

In an industry that is completely saturated with new companies and inexperienced operators, sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between operators who actually know what they are doing, and those who just got a new toy and are "ready to make some easy $$". This is where A Shot Above's extensive experience comes into play. With over 4 decades of Drone/UAS experience under our belt we can say, "Oh yea we have done that and can do it for you". Of course, you don't have to take our word for it; just ask around, word of mouth has been our primary form of marketing and has always served us well! At A Shot Above we are an Industry Leader and a Subject Matter Expert in UAS productions.

The answer is YES!

Yes - We do have our FAA Part 107 RPIC (and current)
Yes - I am an FAA licensed pilot
Yes - Our aircraft are FAA registered (commercially not as a hobbyist)
Yes - We carry an aviation insurance policy to cover all aspects of our business
Yes - We do events
Yes - We can probably shoot THAT for you as well

Our services include (but not limited to)
* Floor Plans (stand alone or part of a Virtual Tour)
* Aerial Photography/Videography

* Ground Photography/Videography
* INTERIOR Photography/Videography
* Virtual Tours (iGUIDE)
* Roof/Structure Evaluations
*Building/Construction Site View Evaluations
We don't play around at A Shot Above. We are professional and up to date with all Federal, NC, and local regulations.


What we do

Aerial Photography by A Shot Above of WNC
We offer a full selection of photography options. Drone, ground, interior images, Floor Plans and High Resolution Virtual Tours so you don't need to make multiple calls and appointments. We are your local One Stop Photography Shop!! 
We also offer Hands-On UAS/Drone training. We do One-on-One hobby/recreational training and we do Law Enforcement/EMS/FD training. We offer Real world Search & Rescue training scenarios in addition to standard flight training.

Free services*


At A Shot Above we often times offer our aerial photography services for FREE or Greatly Reduced to local non-profits and local Emergency/Law Enforcement services. If you’d like your non-profit or Emergency/LE Group to be considered* please contact us to schedule an appointment. We are also working with local EMS to be able to provide “support” for Search & Rescue (SAR) operations.

*Each request is evaluated on a case by case basis. Free/Reduced service is not guaranteed.


Socially Speaking . . .

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New Technology

At A Shot Above we are commited to using the latest and most advanced equipment available. This is a very new and rapidly changing technology and our goal is to move forward and grow at the same pace as much as is possible. As new technology is released we hope to be able to expand our service offerings as well. If you have an idea for something you'd like to see at  "A Shot Above" please feel free to contact us and if we can do it safely we will make it happen.

"The wise professional will operate drones using the most conservative interpretation of the regulations so as to avoid liability for personal or property damage."


Mike Tully

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