Who can benefit from A Shot Above aerial photography?

Real Estate MarketingREALTORS® can get an immediate and profound advantage with a minimal amount of expense. We can show that amazing view of their new dream home long before the house has even been started. We can also show that out-of-town client what the home they are interested in looks like from every aspect without even visiting the area. Both save you time and money so you can be working on other projects.


Property Assessment – See what’s around that ridge or down that hill without taking a step in the woods. Our services have been used by engineers to create a “Conceptual Rendering” of what a project will look like after completion.

Construction Sites – Want to see your home being built week by week but don’t want to travel to the job site? We can schedule photo shoots per your desires so you can see your dream home being built from the ground up.

Weddings/ReunionsLet us take your photo album to a whole new level by incorporating Aerial Images into your portfolio. Aerial images can really take a portfolio from mediocre to WOW and isn’t your special day worth it?

Also: Sporting Events, Golf Courses, Sub Divisions. Farm/Agriculture, Homeowners and many many more applications with more to come. The sky is no longer the limit so if you have an idea and want to discuss it feel free to contact us. We are here for you.

Roof InspectionsWe can safely and efficiently get HD video and HR images of a roof in less time than you can get the ladder out and up against the gutter. Let us save you time, money, and risk by doing your roof inspection from the air.

Canvas Art - We now offer any of our digital images (or yours) as a Canvas Art. Let's take your images to a whole new level of art with high quality Canvas Art. We can print the image "as is" or we can process it into several levels of "custom" artistic impressions. Click on the image beside this for samples of Canvas Art we have already done for our clients. I'm confident we can save you $$$ and give you an end product you'll want to display in your home/office for many years to come.

Aerial Photography by A Shot Above of WNC
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