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How can Floor  Plans help your listing?

At A Shot Above of WNC we are so much more than 
"just" Drone Photography in WNC... we offer additional services so you can get all you need with just one phone call. 

Why do you need/want a Floor Plan for your listing?

* According to Zillow, Floor Plans are the 2nd most important feature on a listing and correlates highly with capturing potential leads.

National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that home buyers don’t just want to see a floor plan as part of the listing, they think it’s essential information that must be provided with every listing


* Adding a Floor Plan to a Real Estate listing can increase click-throughs from buyers by 52%.


* With more than 90% of home buyers searching online for properties, Floor Plans and Virtual Tours rank highest as the “Very Useful” features, according to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey.


* 93% of buyers say they are more likely to spend time looking at a property with a Floor Plan.


* 81% of Sellers think a Floor Plan will help sell their home faster.


* Including a Floor Plan in the marketing campaign has been proven to reduce the Time on Market time up to 50%.

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Stand Alone Floor Plan Styles >>>>

Contact us and lets schedule your Custom Floor Plan today!
We offer:
*Floor Plans as an add-on to a Virtual Tour or any Photo Package
*Floor Plans as a stand-alone service

<<<  Virtual Tour Add-On Floor-Site Plan
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Our Floor Plans are calculated for the area of a building measured to the internal face of the perimeter walls at each floor level, it does NOT include the following areas:

  • terrace

  • balcony

  • deck

  • patio

  • porch

  • garage

  • veranda

  • conservatory

  • unfinished basement/ area

  • reduced headroom


These areas are calculated and listed under each space, but not added to the total area.

We use Electronic Measuring Equipment and software that follows the ANSI Z765-2021 calculation standard.

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